Pillow and Blanket on Couch
Coffee Table

At home, I am a car-poolin, coffee crazed mom of three very busy boys.

I admittedly have an obsession with always starting my day with my cup of coffee.

If you see me dropping my kids at school without it, assume something is very wrong.

I could probably eat tacos every day, but ultimately I am a true foodie at heart.

I love finding new and unique restaurants. I rarely pass a specialty grocery and I can spend hours in home design stores. I love to travel and see new places, but I can't seem to stay away from the white sand beaches in Florida. I thoroughly enjoy broadway theater, deeply appreciate art, and especially photographic art. When I'm keeping it simple I love having breakfast with friends, chatting over coffee, reading, and making evenings special by teaching my boys how to cook.

A little about me:


A little about my family:

My husband and I run on chaos and tote bags filled with sports equipment.

We are usually always on the go with someone's sports practice or game.

My boys eat. Like all the time! So, if I am not behind the camera or with clients, I am trying to keep up with their appetite.

I cherish the fleeting time with my family. Our lives tend to get overly busy, but I know I can't let time pass me by without memories. 

I can assuredly tell you, all of this "life" is going by too fast.  I am beyond blessed to do what I love.

 Allow me to provide you with an exclusive professional photography experience that will not only give you a

fun session memory but some priceless story-telling images you all can love forever.

It would be my pleasure to chat with you about what to expect and what your vision might be for your photo session.

Concerns, stress, and at times dread are all normal discussions. We will make the process simple.

Let's Chat!